Monday, February 2, 2009

i'm glad things have worked out the way they have.
i'm content with the things i've lost,
and i am wildly optimistic.
this is my year for revelations and changes.

i use my bountiful alone time to think.
i realized the longer a person knows me, the further away they get from understanding me.
i feel perhaps those who have known me for years, know less about me now than when they first me.
they start placing me in little compartments and using specific words to describe me.
i am not one layer, and i am not something you can categorize.
i feel like a lot of people stop trying to learn things about me after a specific amount of time because they feel as if they already know all there is to learn.
they are often the first to judge, assume, and sentence me.
and i find myself explaining me to people who should know better than anyone.

things that used to bother me, or maybe should, don't.
there's just not a whole lot i care about anymore.
i'm satisfied with small things.

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