Wednesday, April 1, 2009

so i've been working a few days. i hated it for a minute, but i'm pretty alright now. i only have a partial section for the first week and even though i've been working slow lunch shifts i still make at least 35 dollars every day. for a few hours. i don't mind that.

also, i can sleep without tylenol pm now! this made me so happy i almost cried. i woke up at 8 am today without an alarm. anyone who knows me well, knows what a feat this is for me. i also eat 3 meals a day. i'm just doing all sorts of smart things these days. (it's about time.)

i'll be getting my own place in indy sometime between january and june 2010. until then, i'm slinging steak, saving money, and going to college. i'm doing some much needed self improvement, and i feel great.

that's all.

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