Sunday, August 9, 2009

last night

  • the 1511
  • sex before marriage, kurt rambis, and sleepwall. awesome times.
  • 30 case of PBR gone within an hour or two.
  • lots of friendship. loved it.
  • left the 1511
  • picked up another 30 case
  • went to moria
  • went back to our house
  • lost the unopened case somewhere along the way
  • bought 2 six packs instead
  • went swimming at an awesome country club
  • saw a dude slam dunk a basketball. naked.
  • sat in lifeguard chair and told people to quit running, swim faster, and jump higher off the diving board.
  • jumped off the lifeguard chair, diving board, and slid down the slide. over and over.
  • drank beer. poured some into the water for my homies.
  • left the pool around 3 am.
  • mcdonalds drive through. EGG MCMUFFINS. sans canadian bacon.
  • SLEEP.

all in all, a successful summer saturday night.

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