Saturday, August 23, 2008

someday my prince will come...

i'm leaving soon.
i can feel it in my bones.
i cannot muster any sadness
only stare forward.
sometimes things happen to me in life and i think
"what did i do to deserve this?"
i realized a long time ago that you have no control over the actions of others.

i guess i am just growing weary of running around,
of holding onto something i cannot call my own.

i know i will do more than my share of crying for the both of us.
i highly doubt you will feel any remorse.
you have all your fair weather friends to get you through.

no point in anticipation or mourning that which hasn't come to fruition yet.
i will have plenty of lonely nights to hug myself and cry with the shadows.

i must compliment you though,
everyday you get better and better at insulting me.
you sharpen the knife right, and know just where to stick it.

i hold out in hopes one day a loving man will come along, who wants to build me up, not tear me down. and above all else, i hope that i know what to do with him.
i don't think you are that man.

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