Sunday, November 2, 2008


i'm a mountain of contradictions, and i love it.
none of these are severe, or apply to my beliefs.
it's just always a swirl of contradictory emotions.
i have the ability to play devils advocate to myself.
to survey my options and act accordingly.
i am getting better at this as i grow older.

not to sound cliche,
but the way i feel lately can only be described as infinite.
i feel like i have so many options and opportunities in the world.
i just want to do everything all at once.

i just want to be free.

arizona roadtrip in february
i'm excited.
the desert has been calling my name for almost a year now.

2009 will be the year of travel for me.
also according to my birth chart it will be my luckiest year for romance in a decade.
10 years ago i was 11, so my love life was prettttty hectic.

the point of all this is this:
i am awesome, and i am excited for the future.

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