Thursday, November 27, 2008

pray to god i see headlights

i downloaded a zip file of against me! b-sides and live recordings.
i've just been listening to wagon wheel on repeat.

lately i can't bring myself to pretend to want to hang out with people.
i would rather sit at home bored out of my mind
than go sit with a group of people and pretend to give a shit about what they are saying.
what's wrong with me?
i'm not saying i don't want to hang out with anyone,
only that i'm filled with a bizarre sense of self honesty.
i can't trick myself into doing things anymore,
no matter how i lie and try to convince myself i want to surround myself with mundane conversation and drinking.

anytime i try to express an idea lately, it comes off far too cynical, whiny, and angry.
so to clear the air, i'm just fucking bored.

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