Thursday, November 27, 2008

my mind rejects the frequency

my hands and feet are always cold.
i've been losing weight and drinking way too much coca cola.
i have freckles and cheek bones again....weird.
i need a backrub and someone to scratch the itch between my shoulder blades.
everyday i wake up and pull the covers back over my head.
i'm burnt out by these boring routines and overplayed conversations.
i get angry when i think about kissing you, because i can't
and most of all because i hate to admit that i care for anyone.
deep down somewhere i feel that perhaps it is a kind of weakness.
all i know is...
i'm tired but i can't sleep.
it's fucking cold and the bath water never feels hot enough.

i did a web search and am comforted by the fact i am not the only person with an overwhelming fear of zombies.
it may sound like i am just joking, but i'm truly serious.
i know it's irrational, but my imagination runs wild.

i can't wait to go home and eat turkey with my family.

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