Thursday, September 11, 2008

i miss human touch
more specifically yours.
i would never admit that to you.
i miss feeling you crawl into bed, throwing your leg over me and wrapping your arms around me.
like i was the filling to some awesome love burrito.

i am becoming jaded and bitter and
that makes me very sad.
i feel like if something doesnt change soon my heart will shrivel and die.
all the good things in me will go with it.
i dont want to be an angry person.

i want to be sunlight and love.
i want to wake up to a warm body and embraces.
i want secrets and adventures.
i want dreaded goodbyes and anticipated hello's.
i want to hear "get here."
i want to hear "i love you."
i want growth, and dreams.

i want you to love me again.
and its something i have absolutely no control over.
i'm trying really hard not to give up on you.

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