Saturday, September 6, 2008

i'm getting so tired of it all.
i'm tired of giving and giving and wanting and wanting
and never getting anything back.
i'm tired of being treated like shit simply because i won't put up a fight.
you do realize what an asshole that makes you, right?
treating someone badly because they put up with it?
just because i won't fight back does not make it okay,
or justify your deplorable behavior.

not that you would even stop a second to consider me, my feelings, or that fact that i have heart you promised never to break again. (i knew that was a lie the second it left your lips and wished i could shove the words back behind your teeth.)
oh no,
you're too busy chasing ghosts of not so great things (from what i've heard) that are long dead.
would you love me if i treated you like shit?
made you feel bad about yourself?
yelled at you?
i'm sorry i wont do that.
i won't feed into your masochistic tendencies.
go find someone else to abuse you.

is it so hard to love me?
is it so easy to not care about me?
evidently so.
you make it a point to wake up everyday and tell me that you don't care about me.
why do i put up with this shit?
i don't like pain.
i just love you,
and i hate giving up on people.

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