Sunday, December 21, 2008

don't wait until you are caught in a lie to tell the truth.
don't wait until everything is crumbling to start rebuilding.
if you truly valued anyone,
you would never have done what you did.
that fact of the matter is,
in the short time i've known you,
it's become apparent the only person you value
is you.

no matter what your history with anyone is,
your actions are inexcusable.
they demonstrate a complete lack of respect for other human beings,
and a sort of cruelty and selfishness i didn't know was possible.

i've known a lot of assholes,
but baby,
you take the cake.

on a happier note,
this past weekend has been one of revolutions and kindred spirits.
my eyes are wide open, and i'm excited for the future.
starting NOW,
i'm not listening to anyone but myself.

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