Tuesday, December 9, 2008

raise a glass to transition

at this moment,
i feel beautiful, strong, smooth, and fiercely independent.
wine, you are a saint.
clarity, you are a goddess.
i feel a breeze, and the slightest hint of movement in my life.

i had forgotten how good it felt to fall asleep tangled in another person.
i had also forgotten how good it felt to sit in my underwear drinking wine alone at midnight.


Like a guy said...

I approve…
The wine perhaps sometimes revealing of talents, the proof this picture, you found the angle perfect.
This photograph releases such a sensuality,

Like a guy said...

your words are really very touching and the shape of your sentences always very clever, even if I does not always consist of everything (I am French).
Excuses I also to have comment in first on one of your picture rather than your words