Wednesday, December 3, 2008

pocahontas is a bitch.

forever on the tip of my tongue.
somedays even the most crowded room feels like a ghost town.
i wish i was a real wizard.
then maybe i could better navigate this giant fucking paper bag that is my life.

i have no idea where i am going.
over and over i am told
the journey is more important than the destination.
quite frankly, i'm not buying it.

something crucial is missing, and i can't remember what it is.
i feel that outside of family, especially my sister,
no one in my life comes close to knowing or understanding me.
nothings more frustrating that someone using "i know how you feel" as a conversation filler.
it's rather irritating.
i want someone to be for me, what i am for other people.

substances slaughter things in my brain and the next morning i find myself struggling to remember anything at all.

i want to create but there's nothing left in me.
sorry, i gave it all away.

i just spent ten minutes listening to static and feedback in my headphones.
i think i'm going crazy again.

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